March 11, 2018

Why something happens?

Question: 'Why body shivers in cold?'
Answer: 'Body shivers to create warmth.'

November 8, 2017

संघर्ष गर्दैमा सफल हुने होइन

एउटा सत्य घटना 
('' मेरो कान्छो भाइ भन्दा पनि कम उमेरकोउनी मकहाँ आउन कम्तिमा दुइटा बस चढ्नुपर्छ । साथी भन्दा पनि म उनलाइ भाइकै रूपमा हेर्थेंत्यतिबेलातिर हामी सानालाइ पनि तपाइ सम्बोधन बानी बसालेका थियौं । पछिल्लो समय उनिसँग भेट नभएको धेरै भैसकेको थियो । एकदिन खबरै नगरी एक्कासी मेरो घरमा आइपुगे । उनि गैसकेपछि उनिसँग भएका कुराहरू तुरन्तै लिपिबद्ध गरेकोआज धेरै वर्षपछि सार्वजनिक पोस्ट गर्दैछु ­)

October 4, 2017

Impossibility of Communism

For the betterment of oneself, family, society, country and even for the whole world sometimes we make wishes. The wishes don't itself come true until we put an effort on it. By our hard efforts, only such wishes can come true which are naturally possible. The wishes that can't come true by natural rules are called fantasy. One of the examples of fantasy is Communism. Let's talk about this with some backgrounds. Industrial Revolution started in the 18th century.

August 12, 2017

Fundamental classification of logic

The great poet of Nepal has written an essay, explaining how Nepal is beautiful, peaceful and large. The essay goes 'Abroad is merely a dream, it's a story of nowhere, it's an unseen light, it an unclear and unpreferred talk. My eyesight has nothing to do with something that's beyond my horizon.'

The essay is full of such logics. Most of the readers when reading the essay simply say 'wow! how beautiful logics'. But these logics are not the real one, these are artistic logics. Logic can be classified into true logic and artistic logic. Different between them are written in the table below.

April 16, 2017

Examples of events

Every incident can be explained on the basis of philosophy.
In the philosophy chart, the law of action and reaction is categorized into 'spiral rule' and 'situation + consciousness = changed situation'. Some examples are presented below to make the rule understand clearly.

    a) Land, factory, seeds, raw materials are 'Situation'. People are 'conscious' that if labor is poured then 'product' can be made here. Then they do it. So when 'Consciousness' is applied on 'Situation' then there is 'Changed Situation' namely crops or readymade products.

   b) Dropping down an apple from a tree is 'Situation'. Finding the law of gravity by Sir Isaac Newton is 'Consciousness'. Invention of machines using gravity is 'Changed Situation'